CMar4Pabx 3.57

All-in-one Call Management, Accounting and Reporting 4 Pabx
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This is all-in-one, easy to use professional call accounting software. It runs on Microsoft PC, and connects to any PABX system through their SMDR or CDR port either serially (through RS232) or through network Ethernet connection type. It collects information i.e. records of data, about each call made through this PABX (i.e. incoming and/or outgoing). The software is designed to be easy to use and learn i.e. reports consists of data leafs (i.e. box icons) with summary figures which can be double clicked to open sub-report or calls detail table (i.e. Minimal data entry required). Provides 14 regular reports, 63 2D/3D Bar chart reports, database management (Users, Extension, Department, Phonebook, CO-Line, Pricing), Report auto/manual Printing, Multi-User pass code protection, Inactivity detection (reverts to login), Pabx status ... etc

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